Wellington Emergency Response Team – NZRT8

Earthquake response

Much of the team’s training involves preparing for a catastrophic earthquake in Wellington.

We drill regularly on search and rescue techniques in damaged buildings and rescuing casualties from difficult locations.

We also train in dealing with mass casualty situations where the number of injured people is far greater than the team can handle.

This allows us to hone our processes and techniques so that in a real emergency, we will have all the skills and experience required to save the maximum number of people in the shortest amount of time.

Storm and flood response

The weather is changing, and so too is our focus as a team.

In 2013 we were deployed to help Wellington get through the June storm. We are now doing more training focused on storm response, and increasing our capacity to support our city through adverse weather events.

With the help of our fantastic sponsors we have more tree clearing kits, and are training more of the team in the use of chainsaws.

We also train on securing damaged buildings, fences and anything else a storm might damage.

Tsunami alert and response

Our team is ready to be deployed to vulnerable areas of the city to warn people in the event of a tsunami warning.

We have done this several times, and while each time the tsunami threat did not eventuate, it’s good to know that we are always ready to get the message out and warn residents whenever there is a threat from tsunami.

Updated: Sunday 7th July 2024